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Oude en nieuwe activiteiten


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Oude en nieuwe activiteiten
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Op deze pagina  informeren we jullie over onze actviteiten. Zowel activiteiten die zojuist plaats vonden als activiteiten die in de nabije toekomst plaats vinden.

Actviteiten die pas plaats hebben gevonden

Barbecue Fund Raiser
Last month's fund-raising event was a great success. We raised $2,500 (after expenses) and had a lot of fun in the process.

A barbecue party; Size=240 pixels wide

Activiteiten die plaats vinden in de nabije toekomst

March 22, Open Road Show
Don't forget, we'll be attending the next Open Road Show, scheduled for March 22-23 at the Convention Center. Peter Wilson will be running the booth the first day, but we need volunteers for the second day of the show.

Here we might include detailed directions or a map to this event.

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